Since its establishment, Inpak has delivered over 500 thermoforming machines to its partners in the plastics and packaging industries.

Inpak, which operates in a production area of 6000 m2 with a production capacity of 50 machines per year and continues to grow to meet the increasing demand, has exported to 45 countries in 6 continents so far by providing reliable engineering solutions to its customers with its dynamic and experienced staff.

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With after sales consultancy support and fast technical service, Inpak has always managed to prioritise customer satisfaction by ensuring availability of continuous production.

With its innovative perspective and by closely following technological developments, Inpak has managed to achieve a big market share by offering optimum solutions to its sector and it has proved itself with thermoforming machines working in many countries 24 hours a day.


 Adding value to our partners by providing reliable engineering solutions.


We develop sustainable business partnerships by offering long-life and efficient thermoforming solutions with our dynamic and experienced team in the plastic and packaging industries.

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Team Work Spirit

Customer Focus

Continuous Improvement

We build relationships based on respect and trust.