Inpak Thermoforming – 2023 Annual Brief Statement

Inpak Thermoforming – 2023 Annual Brief Statement

By the end of 2023, Inpak has expanded its global presence to 50+ countries, where our machines are in operation. We’ve achieved solid milestones, including reducing aftersales income from %1.3 to %1.2 of total revenue, with ongoing efforts to decrease it further! The repeat order ratio for delivered machines reached an impressive %80 this year, and we successfully increased the total number of clients by %8. Inpak’s contribution to Turkey’s export in the field remains strong at %65.

The recent acquisition of Euromak, known for delivering high-quality performance moulds, empowers clients to receive complete projects while maximizing the sustainable use of Inpak machine features.

The second year of managerial team workshops, guided by our executive coach, has been completed, promising long-term contributions to the company. Inpak is strategically developing an organic structure by minimizing 3rd party solution agreements, ensuring better customer satisfaction through direct monitoring of all sales and after-sales cases.

Post-pandemic, we are transitioning back to just-in-time storage management, minimizing operational costs, thereby allocating an increased budget to continuous Research and Development. This approach helps in reducing Euro-based inflation effects in our sales agreements while maintaining industry expectations.

Despite industry challenges, Inpak is a growing force in thermoforming, dedicated to ensuring client success through reliable, optimal engineering for the highest return on investment and continuous high efficiency over longer lifetimes. Our commitment extends to delivering operational satisfaction to our clients. We advocate for sustainable plastics packaging production, validated by solid life cycle assessments that confirm its environmental friendliness, emphasizing the importance of well-implied recycle, reuse, and renew processes.

Having reached full production capacity, we eagerly anticipate moving into our new factory in 2025. Our proactive measures to functionally support Inpak’s potential growth encompass all operational aspects to ensure long-term alignment with KPIs. We express gratitude to our valued employees and clients worldwide for their continued support.